Po's Point is your one stop shop for all things needlepoint... From supplies and accessories to all skill level classes, you'll find everything you
want, need and love!

Our collection of hand painted canvases are unmatched in Charlotte. You'll find the best from...
Elizabeth Turner • Melissa Shirley • Clara Wells
Jean Smith • DJ Designs • Julie Pischke
Strictly Christmas and many more!

A multitude of threads and accessories await you from the brands you love including Silk and Ivory, Vineyard Silk, Impressions, DMC #5 and #3, Splendor, and many others!

Not only will you find everything you need for needlepoint, you will also find a highly knowledgeable, friendly staff that can help make your next project a success! Stop by soon to see all that we have to offer.

"It really is all about Needlepoint"

The Very Best in Supplies, Accessories & Classes

Great Gifts For The Needlepointer In Your Life!

Featuring Threads & Accessories From...

Rainbow Gallery

Silk and Ivory

Vineyard Silk


Caron Collection & Others

Po's Point
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